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Why Use a Health Coach?

Save time and frustration!

A Harvard Medical School study suggests patients spend on average 121 minutes of time for 1 doctor’s appointment:  37 minutes in travel, 64 minutes waiting for care or filling out forms, and only 20 minutes face to face with the physician if you are lucky. Appointments will be customized to your needs, and I promise not to keep you waiting!

Save money on food!

Stop the fast food drive through! On average the typical American spends about $1,200 on fast food annually. That breaks down to $100 a month and roughly $12.50 spent per meal. The average fast food meal can be as high as 800-1000 calories per meal!  I will teach you how to plan healthy meals without spending hours of time in the kitchen or shopping. This will save you money and calories.

Set realistic goals and stick to them!

Goal setting-how many times have you set a goals to eat healthier or spend more time on self-care, only to realize a few weeks later when your goals had not been met, that you had no idea in the first place what healthy eating looked like, or better yet what self-care means in the day to day crazy world we live in. I will work you and teach you how to set reasonable and achievable goals

Be the first in your own life, not last!

It is no surprise that women usually put themselves last when it comes to taking time for sufficient sleep, healthy food, and exercise.  Working with a health coach is your first step in taking the time to heal yourself.  I will put your needs first and teach you how to do the same.

Be Accountable!

This is the number one reason many of my clients have found success! I hold you accountable to be good to yourself!

How many diet programs or fitness clubs have you signed up for, only to stop participating after a few weeks or a month?  I will set you up on a schedule, confirm your appointments and hold you accountable.

The time is now! Stop putting off the changes you are ready to make!

Click Here to sign up for the free 50-minute health consultation. I promise to contact you within 24 hours of submission to schedule your first appointment.