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One of the keys to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is to enjoy more of your meals that you prepare at home.

Americans spend millions of dollars and hours of time waiting in line at fast food restaurants for meals on the run. Often, we eat these unhealthy meals in our cars or at our computers. Healthy meals that we enjoy are far and few between.

Save time, money, and reduce your stress!

My cooking classes will teach you how to prepare meals for you and your family that are healthy, easy to prepare, and can be made in bulk and in advance for the whole week.

These are meals that can be packaged to go or enjoyed at home with your family at the kitchen table – meals and snacks that your school age children can prepare with little direction.  My recipes are easy to follow and based on your family’s health needs.

Cooking classes can be booked as private sessions or in group sessions so that school age children and other adults can attend and learn.

Contact Jennie at 336.416.8378 for additional information and pricing.