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Time to get off the Diet Merry-Go-Round

Ask yourself:

How many diets have your tried in the last year? A typical dieter makes 4 attempts per year to try to lose weight. That means at least 3 have failed.

Consider the fact that 75 million Americans are actively trying to lose weight.

As Americans we spend over $60 billion each year in diet products to help us lose weight.

Diet pills and meal replacement solutions account for $3 billion each

Home delivery services such as Nutri-System are a $1 billon business.

The amount of dollars spent to lose weight are staggering. But if you think that is a lot, consider that the fast food/junk food industry spends over $400 billion combined to get you to eat their foods.

Diet fads, foods, pills, drinks, may help you lose a few pounds on a short term basis, but as someone who has tried them all, I know the “quick weight loss” fads and foods are not the answer.

Stress, time management, and emotional eating all contribute to why people fail when trying to lose weight.

Each of my clients completes a free 50 minute health history assessment.

We discuss how much you eat and why. We look at your triggers, and develop alternative ideas to help you avoid falling into the same old traps. I work with you on an individual basis, according to your body type and your lifestyle.  I will teach you how to plan menus, shop for food, how to choose the healthiest items on a restaurant menu if you dine out on a regular basis.

Stop spending hundreds of dollars on gimmicks, pills, diet books and diet food. Complete a health history assessment, and I call you to schedule your free 50 minute consultation to learn how you can get off the Diet Merry Go Round, feel better and eat whole healthy foods for your body and your needs.

If you think you might be ready to take this new approach to achieving your wellness goals with the help of a coach, sign up for your free consultation here: